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Pro Series Drag Racing: Tuning Guide – How to tune your car for maximum speed (Page 2)

There are some exceedingly useless tuning options that you will probably never mess with. Wheelie bar height is one of them if you do not have a wheelie bar. One that’s useless all the time is Delay Box. This makes it so that there is a delay between the time that you let go of the “Launch” button and the time that your car will actually launch. This only serves to make the game seem broken, so unless you have the nagging urge to launch your car one second late, then ignore the delay box.

If you are using Nitrous instead of a turbocharger or a blower, then you won’t see the boost settings; instead, you will see a nitrous setting where you see the shot number instead of boost number for a certain RPM. The principles will be the same here in that you can turn down the jetting at specific RPMs in order to mitigate wheelspin and ensure the quickest starts off the line that you possibly can.

You’re going to want to change tuning sessions if you go from the usual quarter-mile race to the 1,000 meter or the 1/8 mile races. You will want to shorten the gearing if you are racing in the shorty races; if you are racing in the longer races, lengthen the gearing to try to hit the top speed possible without redlining in sixth gear.

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You will also want to adjust depending on the track conditions and the temperature outside. At first the temperature will constantly be the same. There is time to pull a quick tune right before you launch, when you’re sitting at either stage or pre-stage. Do this by hitting the wrench button when you get there. However, you have to be quick or else the race will begin without you.

You can always spend gold to have the crew chiefs from the sponsored Forza Tuning options do it for you. However, with enough experimentation, smart use of the Dyno and the test ‘n tune, and a whole lot of patience, you won’t have a need for them. Use the quick races to test your setup and get rewards in the process.

If you do have them do it, then the crew chiefs will update the tuning every single time that you upgrade the car. There are two different premium options for tuning. To tune the gearbox and the suspension, you can pay 100 and if you want to tune the timing and the fuel delivery for even more precise power.

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