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APEX Racer – Tuning Guide: How to tune your car for maximum speed

APEX Racer is a popular pixelated retro racing game for the iOS and Android platforms. This game allows you to control almost every single aspect of your car, ranging from a huge collection of real life cars, various ways to modify them and increase performance, and even tune them in order to get the exact performance that you’re looking for out of them.

Customizing your car and tuning it can be incredibly daunting, especially if you are playing this game without being an automotive expert, but it’s actually a much easier art than it looks like. With practice, you can fine-tune your car to win races and go as fast as possible in all conditions, and this article will help guide you along the way.

Read on for a full tuning guide to get the maximum performance out of your car or truck in APEX Racer!

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To begin with, you will find an absolutely massive amount of options in the tuning area. Simply go to the “customize “area, then go to the “tuning area. The tuning staff tends to be far less straightforward than the performance purchases.

What is the first things that you will probably want to tune is the gear ratio of your car. Shortening the gear ratios can significantly increase the acceleration, while also decreasing the top speed. Lengthening the gear ratios can do the exact opposite.

Paradoxically, increasing the number of the gear ratio will shorten it, and decreasing the number of the gear ratio will lengthen it. Be sure to write down all of the gear ratios that you Want to come back to you, because if you hit the factory reset button, the only thing that will reset is the final drive ratio, not the ratio of the rest of the gears.

Tuning the stiffness of your suspension will allow you to extract to the maximum performance depending on the track you’re on. Stiffer is mostly better when you are racing on flat ground, although you don’t want your suspension to be too stiff as that can increase the amount of wheel slippage that you get.

Of course, many of the races in this game happen off-road, and for off-road racing you’re going to want a softer suspension. Just like above, you don’t want it to be too soft, but you want it to lean mostly soft.

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For the ride height, the ideal tuning is fairly similar to the ideal tuning of suspension stiffness. You’re going to want the right height to be a little bit higher for when you are off road, but when you are racing on the road, do you want your ride height to be lower. Generally, too high and too low are bad, but you can always experiment.

In addition, you can modify the height of the rear and the front separately. Many super high powered dragsters have a high rear end and a low nose, so when you make it to super high power levels, you might want to try and experiment with that kind of set up, especially if wheelies are a problem.

For the balance of the car, you can simply toggle a slider back-and-forth between wheelie and downforce. For standard Road racing, and for most of the racing in this game in general, your ideal is going to be somewhere between the middle and about halfway to the right. The slider will generally go further to the right on the longer races, and when your car has more power.

You want to set it to wheelie mode only when you are entering a wheelie competition. If downforce is too high, then it can start to hamper acceleration as you get to higher speeds. If downforce is too low, then your wheels might start to slip as you get to higher speeds. This should be finely tuned depending on your car and depending on the specific race.

For the nitrous setting, you can toggle a slider between power and duration. Higher power means a lower duration, and the higher duration means more power. These depend on the length of the race that you’re running.

For longer races, you want to run with a longer duration. For shorter races, do you want to run with a shorter duration. More highly upgraded nitrous also benefits from going with a longer duration, because shorter generations can’t put down so much power that they caused the wheels to spin, while longer duration’s put down a steadier amount of power for a longer period of time.