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Slots Cash – How To Win Real-Life Money For Free

Slots Cash is a unique new game for the iOS and Android platforms where you can play slot and win money in real life. You and another player spend a specific amount of time playing slots tournaments, and whoever wins the most points, wins the monetary prize and gets money. There are also tournaments where you can play against a large number of other players for even bigger prizes.

For the most part, you have to deposit money in order to get a chance at earning real money in this game, but there is also a chance of winning real money for free. Not only is it entirely possible, but you could actually end up winning a pretty decent amount.

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Read on for a guide to earning real life money for free in Slots Cash!

The first thing to know is that there are two types of tournaments in this game. There are cash tournaments, were you wager cash in order to have a chance at winning almost double the cash, and there are gold tournaments, which use the gold currency within the game as a wager, and which allow you to win even more gold. Gold is not transferable to cash.

There are two types of currency that are transferable to real money in this game. They’re a cash that you deposit can be withdrawn at any time, and the cash that you win from tournaments can be withdrawn at any time. Then you have bonus cash, which cannot be withdrawn, but which can be wagered in cash tournaments for winnings that you can withdraw.

In order to get cash for free, the best way to do so is to win bonus cash. One way to get free bonus cash is to collect the daily rewards. The rewards reset every seven days, and on two out of the seven days, you can earn bonus cash for a reward.

The other way to do so is to earn jackpot points, which allow you to then spin the lucky wheel. Jackpot points can be won during either the cash tournaments or the gold tournaments, and they can be cashed in for spins, which have a very good chance of earning you bonus cash, including even large amounts if you’re lucky enough.

There are almost certainly other systems of earning bonus cash being added into the game as it ages, from promo codes and redeem codes to special event where bonus cash is being given away, to invites, but as of right now, those are the main two methods of earning bonus cash.

Take that bonus cash, use it in tournaments, and get the highest score possible so that you can win. Keep winning and then compound those winnings in order to make them into something that is worth withdrawing.