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Road Trip Bingo: Free Money, Bonus Cash, and Guide to Winning Real Money

Road Trip Bingo is a new iOS and Android game where you and another player play bingo competitively in an effort to win real money. You and the other player wager the same amount of money, and whoever scores the most points and wins the round, wins all of the money, minus the cut taken by the house.

You can play not only with real-life money, but with bonus money that you can earn without having to spend a dime. All of this money can be won in real life, as well.

Read on for some tips and tricks for winning real-life money and getting bonus cash in Road Trip Bingo!

Unlike many other games of this type, currently there is not a system in place where you can use redeem codes or invite codes to win free bonus money. In games such as Bingo Blitz, this can be a major earner; however, in this game, you can’t do it. Be on the lookout for the developer to add a similar method at some point, though; you could end up using it as a springboard for earnings.

Before you play cash games, you can play free games as a way to build your skill, because speed and wise use of power-ups will make or break your winnings in this game. Not only do you have to tap fast when the ball shows up, but you have multiple power-ups that let you daub whatever number you want.

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The pick-four power-up can be a gigantic boost if you use it wisely. When you use it, have in mind what numbers you want to tap, and if one of the four numbers that shows up is your number of choice, then daub it. If none of them are the numbers of your choice, then daub a random one.

There are a few ways to earn free bonus money in this game. One is to login daily and collect your rewards when you do. Bonus money can be racked up this way, and then spent on real money games.

Another way to do so is to build your skill and play in the real-life money games. Many of them contain bonus cash as one of the real-life prizes, especially tournament-style matches with more than two players. If you end up in first place, you could end up winning the bonus cash.

Bonus cash cannot be cashed out on its own and is kept separately from your cash winnings, which come from cash games. If you lose a game in which bonus cash has been used, and you have winnings, your winnings will be used up first, and your bonus cash will be used up after that.

Additionally, if you withdraw any amount of money from the game, you will lose your bonus cash. This is done as a protection against the possibility of people doing tricks to only play with their bonus cash and not their real money.

Be sure to also use your bonus cash in a timely manner; if you stop playing the game for about 60 days, then your bonus cash will disappear. So you want to keep playing the game frequently in order to use up your free money.