Solitaire Deluxe Cash Prizes: How To Win Real-Life Money For Free

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Solitaire Deluxe Cash Prizes is a new variant on the classic Solitaire Deluxe iOS and Android game which has spawned countless sequels. This edition, the latest edition to the classic game, is the first one to feature cash prizes.

Even though it looks like you have to invest money to make money, you can actually win money for free, without spending any money on the game. And you can win quite a bit of money at that.

Read on for a guide to making free money without spending anything in Solitaire Deluxe Cash Prizes!

The method of play in this game is to compete with another player to either see who can finish a game of Solitaire first, or who can get further on the board than the other player. You and another player bet some cash, and the winner of the round wins the cash. So it’s E-Sports on a small scale.

You start off with only one cash-play league, in which you and another player bet one dollar each, but as you get more experienced, more leagues, and more expensive leagues, will open up, allowing you to bet more money and potentially win more money.

Additionally, tournaments often open up. The entree fees in these are a little bit higher, and the chances of winning lower, but the grand prize is FAR higher than the simple head to head matches.

One method of getting money for free is trading in your tickets. Tickets are the loyalty points that work in not only Solitaire Deluxe Cash Prizes, but in other Skillz Games as well. With the same account, you can earn tickets in multiple games.

Go to the ticket area and you can pick from a number of prizes. Some of them include bonus cash, and you will not have to make any sort of deposit in order to you redeem tickets for bonus cash.

Another way to get free cash is to give other players your promo code or to invite your friends to play the game. For each person that makes a deposit in the game, you will get 10 free dollars. When they use your promo code, they will also get free money when they make their first deposit.

This free promo code money can’t be directly redeemed for cash, but it can be used for bets, and then all of the money that you win in bets will be good to redeem as cash.

One way to get free money, even though it requires you to have some money to begin with, is obviously to win. Winning is as much about skill as it is about luck, so you will want to build your skills, so that you can take on other players and win.

One challenge that is prevalent in most Skillz games is that if you download a second Skillz game, then play 25 practice rounds, then you will get two free dollars in the first game. Verify this before you download another game, though.

Be sure to play in the league matches and win as many trophies as you can. Leagues often come with bonus earnings, whether it’s cash or tickets, so typically they could be considered the best use of your money.

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