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Solitaire: Farm & Family – How To Win Real-Life Money For Free

Solitaire: Farm & Family is a new tripeaks solitaire game for the iOS and Android platforms. The meaning of tripeaks is that you have multiple organized stacks of cards organized into what look like mountain peaks, similar to Mahjong, but all of the cards come from a poker deck.

The difference between this and other similar Solitaire games is that this game promises to give you a chance to win real-life money. If you play enough, you might be able to cash out a $150 Amazon gift card.

Read on for tips on how to win real-life money in Solitaire: Farm & Family!

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From the outside, this game is pretty straightforward. All that you have to do is clear the entire stack, going through level after level and getting rid of all of the cards on the board. During the later stages though, this tends to get a bit more difficult.

During the first 10 to 15 stages, all of the cards will seemingly match one another, and it will feel like the game is impossible to lose. Once you start to get into the later levels, though, more mismatched cards will show up on each level, making it necessary to really think about your next move and often to flip the cards in your hand in order to find a match.

After every level that you beat, you will be rewarded some more money. The money comes quickly early on in the game, but as you start to get into the later levels, the money gradually slows down, with a few exceptions. Occasionally, you might still win $15 in one shot, even in the later levels of the game.

There are various boosts that you can earn, which are purchased using coins. Coins are distinct from the cash that you win; they are only strictly use for boosts and other purposes within the game, rather than any actual prizes that you can win. Be smart about your coin usage and purchase power ups only when you really, really need them and are stuck on a level.

You can also earn coins through the flower truck that you unlock shortly into the game. The flower truck will earn you Coins on an idle basis. You might be able to speed this along with the time lapse cheat, but I would avoid it, as this could lead to a potentially invalidated prize if you do win.

As you get further into the game and beat more levels, even more bonuses will start to pop up. One of these bonuses is the lucky wheel. Spin it, and you will be able to win one of a selection of prizes, ranging from boosts and coins to cash.

If you get into much later levels of the game and you find that the cash has slowed down to the point where you think you will never win, the first step is to be patient. But the second tab is to possibly delete the game and then download it again.

when you delete and then download the game again, you start right over from the beginning. This may not sound fun, but your cash earnings will skyrocket again when you go back to the early levels. Your overall total cash Hall might end up even being higher than it was the first time that you played, so much so that you could win the $150 gift card.

Once you have at least $150, tap the cash icon in the top Right corner of the game screen to go to the cash out website. If you have at least $150, enter your email and you will be able to cash out. If you have less, you won’t be able to do anything.


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