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Aquarium Solitaire World: Reviews – Is It a Scam or Legit?

Aquarium Solitaire World is a new solitaire game for the iOS and Android platforms where you can play as much solitaire as you want, unlock 30 fish for a giant prize, and a whole lot more. This game even claims that you will be able to win real money for playing it. You can watch the money build up, claim large cash prizes, and more.

Read on for a full breakdown of Aquarium Solitaire World and whether it’s a scam or whether it’s legitimate!

This game is a standard solitaire game, except just like many other apps, it includes a background that consists of fish in an aquarium. This makes for a beautiful backdrop, but it does not change the gameplay of the actual solitaire mode at all.

As you win games of solitaire, you will earn coins, and the coins allows you to purchase new fish. There are a ton of different fish to collect, so the more that you spend, the more that you can diversify your aquarium.

Go to the options menu and there will be many ways to modify the game. You can make hints automatic instead of having to call for a hint manually, for example, or you will be able to turn off the sound.

This game claims that you can win money in real life for playing at. The method of cashing out is via PayPal, and many players have gotten to the threshold and tried to cash out. Have they been able to get their money, though?

There appears to be nothing in the terms of service that relates to winning any sort of cash prize, and considering that nobody has been paid out yet, it’s surprising with the developer would add nothing to this. Typically, with games like this, the developers will add something about payouts that does its best to legally get them off the hook for not paying.

This is especially the case because the advertisement tend to have a simulated version of the game, except that when you play the game in the ad, you earn a massive amount of simulated money very quickly. The money in the advertisement is merely a simulation, meaning that it does not pay out.

Go to the App Store and then go to the review page, and the reviews are completely filled with players who have not been paid. The game will always tell them that their PayPal emails are incorrect; additionally, one player caught the game fraudulently adding an extra letter to their PayPal email address in order to prevent them from ever getting their payment.

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Furthermore, there is no proof that anybody has ever successfully been able to cash out, and with the large amount of money that players are racking up, there is no way the developer would be able to pay it all without going bankrupt. The only positive reviews that you will find are from players who are hoping to cash out, but have not tried to yet.

Keeping all of this in mind, we have to come to the conclusion that Aquarium Solitaire World is a scam. Nobody has gotten paid, despite all of the claims in the ads that people have been paid. So while this game isn’t taking money from anyone through in app purchases, it’s also not paying out what it claims it will either.