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Daily Scratch – Play & Fun: How To Win Real-Life Money For Free

Daily Scratch – Play & Fun is a new scratcher game for the iOS and Android platforms that allows you to not only scratch off scratchers for prizes, but play a number of other games too. You can run an airline, play the lottery, and spend the lucky wheel for prizes too.

Through all of these games you can earn tokens and dollars. Read on for tips on how to win real life money in Daily Scratch – Play & Fun!

The main method of gameplay here, as is inherent by the title of the game, is to open scratchers, scratch off the gray part, and see what prize you yet. Some scratchers will earn you tokens, while other scratchers can earn you cash.

There are a lot of different scratchers to choose from. The larger that the potential prizes from a scratcher, the smaller the chances of you getting that prize. So for example, it’s far more common to win the one dollar scratcher and the $10,000 scratcher.

You will get introduced to the airline came early on. This earns you tokens in a passive manner, and you can keep increasing the tokens that you earn by upgrading your airlines, adding new cities to your airline, and upgrading the new cities even after you have added them.

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The lottery is one of the mini games in this and it takes place daily at a specified time. Be sure to enter your lottery numbers daily, and if you want to get a second ticket as well, be sure to watch the advertisement video for a chance at that.

Spinning the lucky wheel is also a great way to win a prize. Most of the time when you spend the wheel, you will earn a very small amount of cash, or you will earn a decent amount of tokens. There is a very very slim chance of winning a large amount of money using the wheel, but there’s always a shot.

With all of these games, you can watch advertisement videos to do more. With the lottery, you can buy a second ticket. With scratchers, you can get four more cards. With the spinning wheel, you get more spins. So be sure to use the advertisement videos to your advantage.

Can you win real life money? Yes, but be sure to read the terms of service for what the real deal is. An algorithm randomly selects whether you have a chance to be a winner or not as soon as you open up the game, so you might be able to re-roll this bye deleting and then reinstalling the game.

If you do end up winning, then the rule is that that is the only time that you can win, because there is only one eligibility per person. So if you do win a cash prize, then you’re not going to win a second one from the game, so either keep playing for fun or don’t play at all.

Also according to the terms of service, if you do win, there is a slim chance that you would be required to cut a promotional video for the company that makes the game. Just keep this in mind when you’re playing and going for the big prize.


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