Lucktastic Match: How To Win Real-Life Money and Prizes for Free

By | 20201022

Lucktastic Match is a new scratcher game for the iOS and Android platforms where you get the chance to not only win in-game currency, but to win real-life money without actually having to spend any money. You can win coins and tokens, but you also have a ton of ways to win real-life money and prizes for free.

Read on for some tips on how to win money and prizes, in real-life, for free in Lucktastic Match!

The main way to play Lucktastic Match is to scratch off the scratchers. Some of them are free; usually, these are the first ones you see when you open the game for the first time that day. Others require you to watch an advertisement video in order to be able to scratch off a card.

Different scratchers have higher or lower chances of being the winner. The scratchers that earn tokens and the ones that earn lower amounts of cash are more likely to be ones that are easy to win on. The ones that earn you a high amount of cash are going to be very difficult to win on, and your chances are going to be very low.

For the best chances to win, be sure to scratch as many different scratchers as possible. The more time that you have on your hands, the more chances that you will be able to get. You can also scratch off the same type of scratcher multiple times, giving you a better shot at winning that particular scratcher.

If you officially register with a username and password, then you will also be able to enter a contest, not just play the scratchers. Enter as many contest as possible, as frequently as possible, for the highest chance at winning prizes and cash.

You can exchange your gold tokens for gift cards, so you actually get real life value out of things other than just cash. The lowest price to gift card requires 30,000 tokens, and then some of the other gift cards cost over 100,000 tokens to redeem. Still, that’s a prize that you can get without needing to spend cash.

There are multiple different types of VIP modes that you can also purchase. These cost money, but they also give you chances to participate in scratch offs and contests against only other VIP players, that free players cannot participate in, which gives you a higher overall chance of winning.

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