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Match Harmony: Reviews – Is It a Scam or Legit?

Match Harmony is one of the most popular new match-three games on the iOS and Android platforms, with the popularity owing much to this game’s twist, which is that claims that you can earn real life money. You can compete against other players and wager money, either one on one and a head to head style round, or compete in tournaments against other players in a bracket challenge.

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To figure out whether an app is a scam or legit, such as Match Harmony, there are a few factors to consider, the most important being the gameplay mechanics. In this game, your method of winning money in real life is betting against other players.

For example, you put up a dollar, your opponent puts up a dollar, and the winner takes all. Of course, the house also gets a cut, which is how the app makes money.

With apps that end up being scams, typically, the game shows you racking up large amounts of money for doing simple things, and multiplayer battles never enter into the equation. With this game, the money racks up slowly unless you are extremely, extremely good at bingo.

Another thing to consider about this game is the network that it’s on. If the Skillz network was a scam, Apple would have eventually, sometimes immediately, kicked it and all of the games that use it off of the App Store. As it stands now, it’s been there for a very long time and is not going anywhere anytime soon.

Check the reviews in the App Store to see what people think of the app. While reviews are obviously an imperfect science, what you can generally glean from them is that people are getting paid, and the legitimacy of this game is not coming into question.

Sure, there are plenty of people complaining about the difficulty of earning any money, but that’s simply because of the quality of competition; Match three games are historically one of the most popular genres on any mobile device, and have been for a very long time, so you’re bound to come up against tough competition, in the form of players that have been playing these types of games for awhile.

Is it difficult to earn money in this game? Yes. But that is actually something that works in its favor as far as pinpointing this game as legit. The easier it appears to be to earn money in a mobile game, especially a free one, the more likely it actually is that the game is a scam.

Knowing what we know about Match Harmony, and considering all of the reviews, the paystubs, and the actual gameplay mechanic, we can definitively say that this app is, indeed, legit, and not a scam. Match Harmony is the real deal, as are the other games that are on the Skillz network, which are all over the App Store.