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Slots Cash – Reviews: Is It a Scam or Legit?

Slots Cash is a wildly popular competitive slots game for the iOS and Android platforms. You and another player play slots against each other to compete for points, with both of you wagering either gold or money, and whoever wins the round, wins the overall prize.

With this game being one of the only mobile apps that claims to allow you to win real money by playing slots, it’s only natural for players to wonder if this game is a scam or if it’s legitimate. There are plenty of factors to consider, and we will go over all of them.

Read on for a guide to whether or not Slots Cash is a scam or legitimate!

The premise of this game is that you and at least one other player engage in a slots competition. The goal is for the players to score as many points as possible, and the one who scores the most points at the end of the round will be the winner.

There are also tournaments that you can engage in, where you go head to head with several other players at a time, and then you and the other players are ranked based on who has the higher score. Placing in the top three of these tournaments will win you the prize.

There are both free tournaments, where you pay gold in the game to enter, and cash tournaments, where you pay cash to enter. The cash tournaments give you the opportunity to actually win money, and then that money can be withdrawn as an actual prize and go into your account.

Of course, in order to have the chance to win money, you have to spend money, mostly. You can also occasionally earn bonus cash, which either comes from the daily prizes, or comes from making a lucky spin on the lucky wheel, among other methods. Other methods are sure to be added to the game as the developers work on it.

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So is this game a legitimate way to earn money, or is it a scam? To find that out, you have to look at all of the details. To start, you have to look at the reviews in the App Store.

If a game claims that you will win money but then doesn’t pay out, you will find reviews saying that people have hit the payment threshold and tried to cash out, but have not been paid. For games that do pay out, especially competitive games, you will find some reviews from players who have gotten paid, and some reviews from players who think that the game is a scam because they never win, but not any reviews from players that have made the payment threshold and then not gotten paid.

Another factor to look at is how quickly you earn money in the game. In games that are legitimate, the money comes slowly, especially in games like this since it’s a competitive game and not a single player game. With games that are scams, the money is very likely to pile up extremely quickly, sometimes to the tune of thousands of dollars in less than an hour. There is no way any developer or publisher could sustain that without going bankrupt.

This game, since it’s a competitive game, has the potential to either win money or lose money, depending on the skill of the player. That is already a sign working in its favor.

Additionally, if you go to the review page, you will find some players claiming that it’s a scam because they don’t win, but never because they tried to cash out and didn’t get paid. You will find some reviews from players who have been able to cash out successfully and have received the money in their account.

So our verdict for this game is that it is not a scam, that it is completely legitimate. Will you make as much money as the advertisements claim that you’re going to make? No, or at least not as quickly, but if you are very skilled at this game, there’s a chance that you could win enough money to cash out.