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Coffee Golf: Tips, Cheats, Walkthrough, and Strategy Guide

Coffee Golf is a new golf game for the iOS and Android platforms that gives you an entirely new golf course every day. Your goal is to get the lowest score possible on the five holes that are given to you for the day, and then send it to your friends and compare your score to theirs. Of course, there are also options to purchase unlimited replays, as well as to get free replays on the course.

Read on for a collection of tips and tricks for Coffee Golf!

You start the game somewhere in the middle of the level, at different distances away from each one of the holes, and you can complete them in whatever order you want to. One of the biggest keys to getting the best score possible is to figure out the best order in which to complete the holes, so that you don’t end up having to backtrack too much, or accidentally shooting the ball into the water.

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Also be sure to take into consideration what kind of obstacles you will have from different angles. For some holes, you might end up hitting a tree or sending the ball into the water behind the hole from one angle, but not have that same problem from the other angle. Take all of this into consideration when deciding what to order to complete the holes in.

You have three different types of clubs, which are the driver, the wedge, and the putter. The driver is for long distance shot, while the wedge is for high shot, including getting out of the sand trap or getting up a hill. The putter, obviously, is the most accurate one, and is used for putting.

There are different situations in which the wedge works better in a situation where you might think that the driver works best. Is the hole blocked by trees? Shoot the ball just to the base of the trees, and they only use the wedge to hit the ball over them.

Similarly, if the hole is on a hill or has water behind it, or both, then hit a shorter drive with the driver to hit the ball to the base of the hill, then use the wedge to get up the hill. Sometimes, if the distance is a little bit shorter and there are an excessive amount of trees, you can watch the ball the entire way from the starting point.

The driver can be hilariously inaccurate, especially if you are trying to drive the ball the maximum possible distance. The putter is the most accurate, while the wedge is somewhere in between. Aim the wedge properly, though, and you can fairly easily sink the ball into the hole.

When putting, be extra careful not to put too hard; the end of the aiming line should not touch the hole. Even the transparent part of the line shouldn’t make contact with the hole, especially from a distance away, or else there is a very real risk of shooting the ball past the hole.