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Vista Golf – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Vista Golf is a new graphics-oriented golfing game for the iOS and Android platforms. You have three main courses here, as well as an endless course, and on all of them, your goal is to get the best possible score – the lowest score, since this is golf after all – or to pass the most levels on the endless course. Read on for some tips and tricks for Vista Golf!

One of the best advantages in this game is the fast that you can shift the camera around. Shift it to the viewpoint that will enable you to get the most accurate shots. You’re going to find it blocked a lot of the time by things such as palm trees, so you’ll have to take some less-than-ideal viewpoints to make the best shot, but as long as you can see where the ball is going, you’ll have a better chance.

On the advanced level, you’ll have far more challenges to deal with. For example, you’ll have to drop the ball through a hole in order to hit it on the lower levels, but if you hit the ball too hard, it will just fall right off the stage. So don’t go 100 power for those shots – go for the minimum possible that still allows you to make it down to the lower level.

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Some holes will be harder than others to shoot below-par on, so use the easy holes to make up for other bad runs. Turn the camera to figure out if you can skip out on corners by taking straight shots instead. If you shoot it right, you might be able to get a hole-in-one or an albatross, which will more than make up for one or two bogeys on other holes.

The endless mode in this game contains randomly generated levels, so you’ll find all sorts of challenges here. Earlier on in the levels, you’ll likely run up against some fairly easy challenges, such as tunnels and corners that you have to avoid jumping off of. As you get further into the holes, the obstacles will become more ridiculous and tougher to pass.

With all three modes (easy, medium, hard, and endless), they each have their own Game Center and Google Play high score trackers. So hit the high score tracker to compare yourself to other players globally if you want to be the best in the world. Each score is handled separately, so play each level to see how you do and how well you stack up.