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Pixel Sword Fish io – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Pixel Sword Fish io is a new game for the iOS and Android where your swordfish has to destroy other players’ swordfish and avoid getting destroyed. Like other “io” games (a genre in itself as of late), you compete only against other players, but this game is easier for a new player to dominate in as compared to and other games like it. Your goal is to earn stars, get the highest score possible, and the longest nose/sword. Read on for some tips and tricks for Pixel Sword Fish io!

Your only method of earning points in this game is literally by taking down other players, so the scoreboard will always be changing. Defense is just as important as offense here, though. If you get tagged anywhere on your body by another player’s nose, you die and your run is done and you have to start all over again. So be careful here.

Each time that you kill another player, your nose will grow by one pixel. The bigger that your nose gets, the more strategies you will be able to use. When your nose is longer, you’ll be able to turn quickly and slash other players with your nose, proving the old adage that offense is the best defense.

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You can get more swordfish by unlocking them via either paying stars, rating the game, or installing apps. There are legitimate performance advantages to these swordfish. Some of them have a spike on the tail. Some of the more expensive ones have multiple spikes on the nose. Start getting into the five-figure star realm and you’ll find them with multiple spikes all over both their nose and their tails, giving you a huge performance advantage for attacking other players.

Don’t go head on with another player unless you have a longer nose spike, or more nose spikes so that you can hit them from an angle. Whoever hits the other player first with the spike is the one that will kill the other player.

You can earn more stars by popping the balloons. One balloon is worth one star, while the multiple balloon is worth five stars. As for earning trophies, finish in the top percentile of players. If you are in the 80th percentile, you’ll earn 20 trophies. 90th percentile will net you 40 trophies in one shot.