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Fish & Trip – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Fish & Trip is a new endless game for the iOS and Android platforms where your goal is to lead the biggest school of fish possible. You play as a little fish, and as you pass other little fish, they follow you, but you have to avoid getting eaten by the big fish and sharks. You can collect eggs and unlock new types of fish to add to your school, as well. Read on for some tips and tricks for Fish and Trip!

The more fish you have in your school, the more points you earn for the next fish that you add. For example, if you have four fish, then your next fish is worth five points. If you have 28 fish, then the next fish that you swim through is worth 29 points. Keep your school as large and as intact as you can in order to maximize the points earned.

One interesting quirk about this game is that you can hold the screen sideways, and without flipping, the game will look completely normal. That’s because the fish’s head never adjusts – it always points in the direction it’s going. The only oddities will be the score being sideways, but otherwise, the game will look completely normal, and this orientation can be easier to use if you are used to side-scrollers.

Try to swim up or down the majority of the time, or if you’re holding your phone sideways like in the above paragraph, swim side-to-side. Swim in the direction of the longer side of your device. The reason for this is that you can see obstacles and fish as they come up far quicker this way than you would be able to if you move in the direction of the short side of your phone or tablet. Being as the length and width are less proportionate on an iPhone than an iPad, this trick will make a much larger difference on the phone.

If you’re trying to escape from a huge crowd of enemies, and you see a shark appear, avoid its bite and use it to your advantage instead. Lure it towards the blowfish and the medium-sized green fish. It’ll eat everything it comes in contact with, including those fish. so if you are circling a shark while it tries to follow you, keep swimming in areas that it’s already cleared out as they will be more barren of enemies.

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If you are going for a high score, then if most of your school gets knocked off, then just off your last fish, because the game won’t get any easier, but scoring will drop back down to match the size of your new little school. If you’re going for fish eggs, though, then ignore that, and try to go for as long as possible.