Fishing Papa: Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

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Fishing Papa is a new semi-idle fishing game for the iOS and Android platforms where your goal is to catch as many different types of fish (and other objects by fishing as deep as you can, with the strongest rod and line that you can get. Read on for some tips, cheats, hints, strategies, and tricks for Fishing Papa!

You have a few main upgrades that you can do in this game. One is the length upgrade; each time that you upgrade this, you can upgrade the line by 10 meters. The other is the strength of the line. Each time that you upgrade this, you’ll be able to hold one more fish, and of course, the more fish that you can hold at once, the more money you can make each time that you cast the line.

Look for as many gold fish as you can. You can find gold fish all throughout the stage, and of course, the longer your line is, the more gold fish you’ll be able to find all at once. Gold ones are worth about 4x more than standard ones. If you pick up two gold fish in a row, you’ll go into a gold rush mode, where you go through a field of unlimited gold fish for about ten seconds, with no risk to you from going for the gild fish.

Randomly, a boss will appear at some point on the level. The method of catching a boss is completely different than catching a standard fish. All that you have to do is tap the button that appears as quickly as possible until you run out the fish’s energy bar, at which point you will catch the fish.

Whenever you finish a fishing trip, you can choose between collecting your cash instantly, or watching a video ad for double the income. Oftentimes, as well, a free upgrade will pop up to either your length or your strength. Tap it and instead of having to pay coins for the upgrade, an ad will play, and when the ad is done, you will get a free upgrade without having to spend any of your cash.

Be sure not to neglect the offline income portion of your upgrades. It has no use when you’re actively playing, but when you are offline for an extended period of time, such as when you go to bed, the offline income will kick in, and when you come back to the game after awhile, you’ll load up on the income. This will enable you to speed through a whole host of other upgrades and catch more and better fish.

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