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Guide to Fishing Superstars for iPhone: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Fishing Superstars is a game by Gamevil Inc. It’s a new game in the Superstars series of games, and it’s a cross between a fishing game and an aquarium game. You get to catch fish at your fishing location, using the iPhone as a fishing rod, and then you can put them into an aquarium, raise them and sell them – or just sell them right away. Read on for some tips and tricks for Fishing Superstars!

While it might seem tough to cast a lure far enough to get an “excellent” grade on it, it is very possible to do. The harder you “cast” the iPhone itself, the farther out the lure goes. Don’t cast it out far every time though. Cast it out far only when the little splash of water that appears is out far. If it’s close to where you are, then don’t cast it out very far.

Once you pull it back and start reeling, reel with your left hand, because it’s much easier to reel than with your right hand. If the line is about to break, let it go and start swiping slowly to either side, moving the rod back and forth. This releases tension on the line quickly. Start reeling again once the icon above the fish turns green. If it turns purple, then stop reeling, because the fish is stuck and you won’t do anything but cause line tension.

If you’re not happy with your cast, simply pull the line back before a fish bites. You’ll anger your character, but it won’t really matter.

When you put a fish in your aquarium, tap it and tap the “sell” button before you feed it. Don’t sell the fish, just check out what the going price will be after your fish is fed and fully grown to an “SSS” rating. If it’s less than 100 coins, then get rid of the fish, because it’s really not worth keeping around all that time to feed it just to get 50 or 70 coins for selling it fully grown.

The complete guide to Fishing Superstars!