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Guide to Steel Runner for iPhone: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats, and strategies

Steel Runner is a game that places you into a big, dark city, running endlessly along streets that are broken in a dystopian fashion, shooting at a whole bunch of robotic enemies as you go. In Steel Runner your goal is to run as far as possible, shoot down as many enemies as possible, and earn as much gold as possible so that you can buy new weapons and other cool stuff. How far can you go, and how many can you shoot down? Read on for some tips and tricks!

To beat the 1000m challenge, which is nearly impossible without any upgrades, save up some of your gold and upgrade your armor and your armor and your hit points. Both of these upgrades effectively accomplish the same thing, which is to make it so that it is easier to take a whole bunch of hits without dying. While these aren’t all of the puzzle, these help a lot.

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The other key is to time your jumps correctly. The faster you go, the more on point you will need to be when it comes to timing your jumps. Don’t jump too early, but don’t jump too late either, because if you jump too early or too late you will end up stuck behind a platform, knocked off the stage.

Earn as much gold as possible by shooting as many enemies as possible. Aim in every which direction, whether it be aiming up or aiming down, in order to shoot as many enemies as you can while you are running. Shoot the bullets too, because each bullet, and each shot that you land in general, earns you more gold. Save your gold for the laser gun, which costs 50,000 gold, and you’ll be able to kill anything almost instantly
just by sweeping the laser back and forth.