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Fisherman (Ketchapp): Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

Fisherman is Ketchapp’s newest fishing game for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal here is to catch a wide variety of fish, sell them for cash, and then use the cash for various upgrades and other goodies. Your goal is to cast off as far as possible, catch the biggest and rarest fish, and catch as many of them as you can within the amount of time given. Read on for some tips, cheats, strategies, and tricks for Fisherman by Ketchapp!

To cast off as far as you can, tap on the screen and then hold it until your fisherman swings his pole all the way back. Let go of the screen and he’ll send it. Once the lure falls into the water, you can either guide it by tapping the screen or you can let it go until a fish bites it.

Once the fish bites it, hold down on the screen to reel it in, but when the line turns red, let it go momentarily. Then tap again when the red goes away, and repeat this until you reel in the fish.

You’ll see both green worms and red worms on the level. If you pick up a green worm, then all of the fish will start moving toward your lure, so if you want to catch a far away fish, find a green worm. If you catch a red worm, then it will knock out whatever fish you catch that tries to eat it. This will make the fish extremely easy to reel in when you catch it.

You can sell fish as soon as you catch them, allowing you to earn coins. When you have enough coins, take them to the store and spend them on new gear. Buy a better lure for better fish. Buy a better rod to cast farther. You can also buy a mask/head for your character using your coins, but that has no practical use as far as fishing goes.

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Other ways to earn coins as a bonus involve collecting coins from your fishdex as soon as you earn a bonus. You’ll earn a bonus based on how many new fish you can add to it. Also, once you are done with a round, you can choose to sell all fish, or you can sell them for double the coins by watching an ad video first.


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