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Fish With Attitude for iPhone: How to get more coins and experience points

Fish With Attitude lets you raise tank after tank full of your own fish with their own unique personalities. You get to breed them, raise them, feed them and make them happy, all the while sending them on digs and letting them earn you coins and gain a whole bunch of treasure for you. Coins are the main currency of this game, and you can buy your basic fish, along with most of what you need, with them. Experience points are what you need to get to the next level, which lets you unlock more goodies for your tank, as well as the ability to purchase more fish with the use of coins, and even to unlock more tanks and more breeding tanks. Read on for tips on how to get both of them.

Get more coins, of course, by having more fish. The hybrid fish that you can breed are the ones that get you the most coins from the start. Your basic fish, the nice fish and the mean fish, will earn you 2 coins a pop, then 3 coins for the hybrids, 4 coins for the more rare ones, and so on and so forth. But fill your tanks with basic fish as soon as you get your tanks so that you can rack up coins as quickly as possible, and then sell them later once you breed your more lucrative fish.

Train your fish, and they will earn you more coins. Upgrade your treasure chests, and they will hold more coins before they fill up completely.

Get more experience points by sending your fish on digs. Not only will this earn you experience points but you’ll find pearls and other treasures in the process. When you train your fish, you earn experience points as well. Same with when you breed fish or when you unlock a new tank.

Of course, complete as many quests as possible in order to earn both coins and experience points very quickly.

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