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Pocket Fishdom Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, cheats and strategies

Pocket Fishdom is a new, exclusive iPhone game in the Fishdom series by Playrix. Unlike other games in the Fishdom series, this one doesn’t have any elements of the match 3 style gameplay. Instead, it’s a more straightforward aquarium game similar to games such as Fishville and Fish With Attitude, where you can own an aquarium with a number of fish in it, and then you can breed them, feed them and grow them into adults, buy new aquariums, and more. Read on for some tips and tricks for Pocket Fishdom!

You normally have to wait for quite awhile for your fish to finish breeding or for the egg to be ready to finish hatching, especially if you end up breeding an uncommon or rare fish. You can sidestep the waiting period very easily, though. To do this go to the settings menu, then go to the date and time, and set the time ahead by however much time you need to set time ahead in order to complete the breeding or the hatching.

Once you finish doing that, go back and set the time back to normal. Then, you can repeat this however many times you want. This is also good for unlocking new aquariums.

It’s even an excellent strategy for earning coins. If you set the time ahead by a few minutes and then go back to the game, you’ll be able to collect coins from all of your fish. Collect the coins, feed the fish to start the process again, and then set the time ahead yet again to feed the fish again and again.

Buy as many decorations and other additions to your aquarium as possible, because they will increase the amount of bonuses that you earn from collecting coins from each of your fish. The more fish that you have in your aquarium, the more that each of these decorations will pay off. Adding a new background will do nothing for your fish revenue, though, so don’t bother with it unless you just like the way it looks and want to add it for that reason alone.

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