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Jumping Fish: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Jumping Fish is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms that puts you in the … well, fins, of a fish whose goal is to go as far as possible while avoiding all of the seafaring obstacles that tend to get in the way. You can go jump up and dive down, but ultimately, your goal is to avoid all of the sea mines that can blow you up. Read on for some tips and tricks for Jumping Fish!

Stars are the main currency in this game. If you die, then often you will get an invite to watch a free ad video in order to earn more stars. You can also collect stars in the stage itself. Once you get 100 stars, you will be able to purchase a new animal, such as a fish, a crocodile, an urchin and others.

You will go slowly if you keep your finger off of the screen, and you will go slowly. Once you tap the screen, you will move fast until you change direction, then you will slow right back down. Time your taps correctly in order to get past more land mines and raise your score, and also to collect more stars.

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So what is the best timing that you can use? Generally, tap when you are at the top of the jump or the bottom of the dive, and when you are immediately over or under a landmine. This will get you past the obstacle every time unless there is another obstacle that is immediately next to it. Then you will have to wait a little bit to hit the screen.

Go to the leaderboard to see what the top players have scored on either Google Play or the Game Center scoreboard. Right now, none of them look hacked, but eventually someone is going to hack the game and stick a fake high score in there, so if you see any that look particularly unrealistic, then you’ll have to scroll past them in order to get to the real scores.

The Gold Fish is the only kind of fish that provides an actual performance benefit to using it. This one will help you earn stars faster, but you have to buy it with real life money, 4 dollars to be exact, or whatever the equivalent is in the local currency if you are not using US dollars. You will also get 1000 stars when you purchase the Gold Fish.