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Nom Cats: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Nom Cats is a new endless fish-eating game for the iOS platform where your goal is to feed two cats as many fish as possible without dropping any. The fish automatically fly at you, you just have to hold the screen in order to keep their mouths open. Your goal is to catch as many fish as possible without dropping any, and without eating any of the bombs that they throw at you. Read on for some tips and tricks for Nom Cats!

For the most part, you should be keeping both fingers on the screen most of the time. Learn to time your pull-offs so that when you see a bomb coming at you, you can pull your finger off of the screen in time, and then place it back on the screen immediately. Do this with both hands to maximize your scores.

Catch all of the gold fish that you can. Gold fish are a form of currency, and the more golden fish that you collect, the more that you can purchase. Purchases mainly consist of new cats that you can buy with fish, although some cats require you to spend 99 cents in order to buy them.

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At the end of a good round, there will be a pop up asking you if you want to watch a free video in order to continue the round. This is a good way to pad your score, and you can do this as many times as you want. Sometimes, though, it might not quite be worth it if you get a crappy score and then die way too soon.

After you do this and then die again, or sometimes when you die the first time, a prompt will offer to show you a video in exchange for free golden fish. Watch it and you will earn five of them. It’s not that many, but they add up over time, and when you earn a lot of them, you can then use them to purchase pretty much any kitty in the whole store.

For even better rewards, play the nomslots. It’s almost impossible to time these without practice, but just like the slots in Super Mario Bros 3, you can time them right if you get a whole hell of a lot of practice. You can win free fish, free cats and more this way.