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Secret Cat Forest: Tips, Cheats, Tricks, and Strategy Guide

Secret Cat Forest is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms where you own a little cabin in the forest, and your goal is to furnish it and get every possible cat to pay a visit. You can collect wood and fish, which help to feed the cats and to build new furniture, and as you continue to build, you cannot only see more cats in your house, but unlock all possible cats.

Read on for a list of tips and tricks for Secret Cat Forest!

Fish allow you to feed the cats that come to your house; if you run out of fish, then the cats will stop showing up, and the more cats that you have, the faster the fish will be used up. In order to fish, first, tap the base of the fishing rod. After that, tap each individual fish in the river and wait until the arrow in the gauge is in the red zone, then let go of the screen and you will catch the fish.

Wood allows you to build new furniture, as well as upgrade your fishing rod and other items. In order to get more wood, tap and hold on the tree. after the wood collection circle appears, you also have the option of moving your finger around on the tree in order to collect the wood faster.

Various upgrades are available in the store menu to the right of the furniture shop. You can upgrade your workbench, which allows you to build more items at the same time. You can also upgrade your fishing rod, which allows you to catch more fish and to acquire items from fishing, and you can upgrade your fish storage, which allows you to hold more fish at a time.

Every once in a while, you will be able to collect the box floating in the river. This box will not only contain wood and fish, but will also contain various upgrade materials, such as whiskers, assembly parts, and duck tape. Be sure to set push notifications so that you can collect the box whenever it’s ready.

There are various boosts that can be activated by watching advertisement videos. The Lumberjack allows wood to automatically be collected for one hour, but not only can would automatically be collected, but you can still manually collect wood by yourself in order to double the speed of collection. You can also find fish automatically by activating the fishing pot, and you can boost wood collection by double for two minutes using separate advertisement boosts.

When you’re on the main screen, swipe down in order to make a hidden tab appear. Tap on the hidden tab in order to find new areas that you can unlock, such as a second level of the house, and new areas. This will allow you to not only craft more furniture, but find more cats, but you have to meet a specific furniture crafting requirements in order to unlock it.

Tap and hold on the right side of the screen in order to open your cat collection. You can also complete videos and special collections, as well as albums of your cats, my unlocking specific collections of cats. You can also complete different furniture collections in order to unlock new bonus furniture, as well.

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