Cat Game: The Cats Collector – Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

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Cat Game: The Cats Collector Is a new game by Mino Monsters, Inc (which used to market the Mino Monsters games on the App Store) for the iOS and Android platforms where you collect cats, build a cooler and cooler cat house for them, and collect even more and rarer cats.

You can earn coins and gems, buy more cat food, feed your cats, and use your supply and cat deliveries to build the biggest and most awesome cat condo that you can.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Cat Game: The Cats Collector!

The main thing to do in this game to progress is simply to feed your cats. They’ll tell you what food they want, and they will tell you how many units they want.

So if you have the food, just feed them. If you don’t, then go to the store and buy the food that you need with the coins that you’ve earned.

Of course, you have to earn coins in order to buy food from the store. To earn coins, look for the present boxes all over your cat house. Tap them to open them up, and they’ll contain coins, which you can then spend on food, as well as other things.

Once you feed a cat, you’ll get the prompt to take delivery now. Take the delivery and you’ll have a chance at either earning a resource, or earning a cat. The resource will have a higher percentage chance than the cat, and while it is more common, it can also be valuable.

You can use your resources to place orders on your cat board. For example, early on in the game, you can use wood to unlock windows. The further into the game that you go, the more goodies that you can unlock with your various resources.

The more stuff that you unlock, the more rooms you can unlock throughout your house. The more stuff that you unlock, the more rooms will become available to you. You can unlock up to 61 rooms total.

Also, the more stuff that you deliver and unlock, you’ll gain experience levels, as well. The more experience you gain, the more stuff you’ll unlock within the game.

As you gain levels, you’ll unlock stuff such as minigames, which are modeled after other mobile games, such as match three games. Play these in order to earn bonus coins, especially when there is something that you need to purchase.

When you unlock a new decoration or structural piece for your house, it will automatically place itself. When it does, you’ll have more possibilities of cats to unlock. So just keep unlocking stuff as quickly as possible.

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