Idle Human: Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

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Idle Human is a new hugely-popular idle game for the iOS and Android that takes you from single-cell to creating an entire human. Your goal is to unlock new parts such as bones, organs, and muscles of various types, earn more and more cells, and keep going until you create an entire human.

You can play the game as idly or as manually as you want in order to maximize the amount of cells that you earn. Plus, you can earn gems, unlock more and more parts, and keep going until you finally complete your human.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Idle Human!

Idle Earnings and How To Max Them Out

Your main way of earning more cells, of course, is through idle income, so keep not only leveling up the parts that you already have, but unlocking new parts.

New parts require previous parts to be upgraded to a specific level to unlock. For example, to unlock the Large Intestine you need 3,000 lungs, 2,000 liver, and 1,000 small intestine.

Upgrade not only to unlock the next part, but also based on how many cells per second are added via the next upgrade. Try to get the most bang for your buck – or in this case, the most bang for the cells.

The Upgrade menu is where you can boost each of your parts with a permanent percentage multiplier. That’s not the most impactful upgrade, but that is the main upgrade. Most of the upgrades can be purchased with cells, but some of them require you to watch an ad video in order to unlock.

Manually earning Cells

Tap on the DNA button to earn cells by clicking. This can provide a decent income early on, but as you upgrade everything else, your tapping will easily fall behind your idle income.

To remedy this, go to the Upgrade menu and upgrade the “Production on Tap on DNA” section. Each upgrade will double your income per tap for awhile, then later on, they’ll be worth 1.5x the tapping power. This won’t seem like much at first, but it adds up significantly over time.

The upgrades will trade off. One will require you to spend cells, then the next will require you to watch an ad video. Then the next will require you to spend cells, then the next will require you to watch an ad video, etc.

While the ad videos might get tedious after awhile, the upgrades will turn out to majorly be worth it over time. Once you upgrade as much as you can, you’ll earn FAR more cells than you would have just from idle tapping.

Other kinds of bonuses

Tap on the Time Travel button and you’ll be able to watch a video to skip ahead five minutes, which, if you’re fully upgraded on your idle income, can be worth quite a bit. Or you can spend gems for even bigger time travel.

Tap on the spin button for the chance to spin for various other bonuses. Bonuses include time travel, free spins, and even free gems.

Tap on the 2x speed button to watch an ad video to double the speed of your idle income. Each video only adds sixty seconds of double-speed, though, so arguably, a 30-second video is not worth 60 seconds of double speed.

How and when to Prestige

Tap on the star trophy to prestige. You’ll start with a multiplier equal to what shows up below the trophy. The multiplier increases not based on how many cells you earn or how many body parts you unlock, but simply for how long you play actively.

So if you want to maximize your prestige multiplier, a good way to do so is to shut off your phone’s screen sleep mode, then leave the game active overnight while plugged into a charger. You’ll collect income indefinitely, and earn .01 percent bonus for every two minutes you’re active.

So if you sleep eight hours, that’s 480 minutes, making for a 2.40 percentage bonus. Then you can wake up, prestige, and earn a gigantic bonus, both to your idle income and to your tapping income.

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