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Click to Life – Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Click to Life is a new idle clicker game for the iOS and Android platforms where you can click, upgrade, and watch life slowly flow in a human body. You can watch blood give organs life, a skeleton be 3D-printed, and muscles be created, as well as help revive sick veins and failed organs. You can earn cash, blood, bones, and all sorts of other currencies as you upgrade and try to make as much progress as possible.

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Continue reading for a collection of tips and tricks for Click to Life!

When you open the game and finish drawing all of the veins that you need to, you will start earning whether you are playing actively and tapping the heart or not. Tapping the heart will double the speed of your earnings, but a better way to earn is to let your phone charge and sit while it earns by itself. When you come back, the amount of income will be significant, allowing you to do plenty of upgrading.

Every time you upgrade the veins, you will have to draw a new one. Once you run out of room for new veins, you will be able to make more space. The choices will either be to merge veins together using a different upgrade button, or to add a new organ that you haven’t unlocked yet, which will give you plenty more space for veins.

Advertisements pop up constantly in this game, but to keep the active idle income going indefinitely, wait for the offer to auto-click for 45 seconds to pop up. Leave the offer on the screen without hitting a button and let your phone sit for a while, and the income will continue to earn indefinitely. Otherwise, an ad will pop up after a while, and once it pops up, the earnings will stop.

As you increase your blood income, use it to purchase more 3D printers so that you can revive organs faster. You can also upgrade the 3D printers that you already have in order for each printing to finish faster. Once all pieces of the organ in question are finished printing, it will be added to the body and you will be able to connect veins to it.

If you get sick of the advertisements firing all the time, try playing the game with all of the data turned off, in airplane mode, or both. When you do this, the advertisements will not be able to load because they require an internet connection in order to do so. You won’t be able to take any of the voluntary video offers, but you might find that to be a worthy trade-off.

When one of the veins stops working, you will have to play a short mini game to fix it. If you decide not to play the game, then all of your other veins will still earn income besides the one that quit working, so they’re really is not much urgency to fix it until a larger number of your veins stop working.