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Fun Run 4 – Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Fun Run 4 is the latest entry in the long running side-scrolling PVP racing series for the iOS and Android platforms. This new addition to the franchise is more family-friendly, replacing the blood with jelly, but otherwise, it’s the same competitive, weapons heavy, side-scrolling running with your friends that we all know and love. You can race against your friends or against random players, fight for first place, unlock new animals, earn coins and gems, and more.

Continue reading for a collection of tips and tricks for Fun Run 4!

Just like in the previous editions of this series, the running happens automatically, but the jumping is controlled manually. You can use the jump button to climb up walls or to jump on platforms. Use this to your advantage in order to either avoid obstacles altogether by running on the highest platforms, and when you approach walls, jump before you get to them so you have less space to climb and thus can do it faster.

There are a number of different weapons in the game, and knowing how to aim and use them correctly will be a huge benefit. Shoot the buzzsaw forward when you have runners ahead of you, but be careful not to get hit on the rebound or else you’ll get slowed down as well. For the bear traps, be sure to set them where other runners are most likely to run.

As you gain experience points, you will be able to increase the experience level of your character. When it’s early in the game and you have only one or two characters, simply level up right away, but when you get further into the game and have a collection of new animals unlocked, try out all of the different animals before you decide who to run with and upgrade, so that the experience points are not wasted.

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Each animal has different statistics, which includes speed, utility, and mobility. Additionally, each animal will have a different acceleration time and a different top speed, all of which makes subtle but important differences in your running performance and can mean the difference between first and second place.

Additionally, each animal will have a passive and an active ability that is unique to them. When selecting your animal, check what these abilities are, and use the animal that has abilities that work with your style of play and running, because this is arguably more important than the statistics as far as your running performance.

There are a number of different cosmetic items that you can purchase in the store, and while these command a premium price, none of these will affect your running performance. The intent is purely cosmetic, so that your outfit will not give you an advantage or a disadvantage against other live players.

The more races that you win, the more trophies you will earn, and as you earn more trophies, you will get matched up against better and more experienced players who have similar numbers of trophies to you. you will also unlock more power ups, which will enable a further degree of customization and give you an advantage if you know what power ups to use at what times.