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Cash Masters: Billionaire Life – Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Cash Masters: Billionaire Life is a new idle simulator for the iOS and Android platforms that allows you to start off as a broke guy, slowly increase your income, and end up turning into a rich tycoon. You can earn cash, stars, coins, and a whole lot more, as you upgrade your job, your home, your clothes, your car, your education, and your businesses. You can even play gambling mini-games in order to earn money.

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There are multiple ways to earn money in this game, and surprisingly, one way is far more effective than the other way. You can upgrade your job, but in order to upgrade your job, you’re going to have to upgrade your education, clothing, food, home, car, and a bunch of other things. By the time you get finished upgrading everything, your monthly expenses will have typically increased at level that means you’re not making any extra take-home pay.

Starting businesses can also make you money, and, in fact, is typically the better way to go. You have to manually collect money from the businesses, but you can upgrade them in order to increase the money that you make per month, and when you have enough money to do so, you can hire a manager in order to automatically collect the money for you, as long as you are online.

After you hire managers for your businesses, an easy way to make a lot of money is to leave the game active on your screen and put the phone on a charger, then go and do something else while you’re waiting for the money to build up. When you pick up your phone later, there will be a ton of money waiting for you that you can then use for upgrades.

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Missions are another way to earn money, time skips, and other sorts of bonuses by completing tasks and other things. The tasks, though, are often so difficult that it makes it not worth it to focus on the missions, so your best bet is to simply play the game and focus on upgrading your job and your living situation and everything that goes into it. If you see a red dot pop up by the mission icon, then go collect your reward.

Cars and other sorts of luxuries typically require you to spend money monthly for upkeep, but there are many other bonuses that actually earn you more money per month. Under cars, for example, if you purchase an Aston Martin One-77, you will actually earn $6000 a month extra.

Another example is that in the family area, if you purchase the older brother, you will earn 3500 a month extra. Under education, if you purchase the personal growth courses, you will earn 1500 a month extra. Rack up these various income boosters in order to get extremely rich faster.

The advertisements in this game can be extremely excessive, so in order to get rid of the advertisements, one of the methods is to purchase the ad free mode. Another method is to turn off all of the data when you’re playing the game, such as Wi-Fi and cellular, or simply to put your phone or tablet into airplane mode. Airplane mode might not always get rid of the Wi-Fi, though.