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Heroes Awaken: Idle RPG – Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Heroes Awaken: Idle RPG is a popular mobile RPG for the iOS and Android platforms featuring loads of heroes and many different forms of gameplay. You can unlock and upgrade a seemingly endless amount of heroes and constantly find new ones, load up on coins, gems, and other forms of currency, as well as unlock loads of new forms of gameplay, such as the arena, dungeons, raid bosses, special events, and a whole lot more.

Keep reading for a collection of tips and cheats for Heroes Awaken: Idle RPG!

The campaign mode is massively easy and may seem like a waste of time after you do a ton of campaigns and still come out with easy victories, but eventually, you’re going to hit a point where battles actually become challenging. When you get to this point, then start maximizing the levels and equipment of all of your heroes, as well as hitting the tavern to summon as many new heroes as possible. Plus, getting further in the campaign mode will allow you to earn more off-line income and AFK income.

The arena is where the real test of building your team happens. The campaign mode may be easy, but the arena will put you against players who have built their own teams, and this is where you have to work on your formations and strategize in order to make sure that your tanks are taking the brunt of the damage and that your heroes who can damage multiple enemies at once are in the prime position to do so. This is also where the rarity of your heroes begins to make a difference.

You start the game with rare and epic heroes, which ironically tend to be the most common heroes in the game, but don’t sleep on the common and uncommon heroes. Many of them are just as strong as the rare and epic heroes, if not stronger, so level them up and give them equipment and give them a shot in your formation just to see what happens, and you might be pleasantly surprised.

Rarity really starts to make a difference when you start getting the extremely rare heroes, especially the gold tier legendary and mythic heroes. These are the ones that are actually rare, and corresponding with their actual rarity, these are the ones that will give you the biggest statistical boosts and chances of victory in battle.

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As you progress through the campaign and gain experience levels, you will continuously unlock new game modes, so take advantage of them. In the countryside, you will unlock the Dungeon, Arena, Tower, Challenge of the Deity, Raid Boss, Bounty Hunter, Matrix of Deity, and Mythical Odyssey, all of which will provide you with new challenges to face. These are also some of your best chances at earning huge rewards, such as gold-tier heroes.

Out in the Fortress area you have the Tavern, Store, Black Smith, Clan, Temple, Hall of Fame, Beast Grounds, Temple of Resonance/Union Blessings, Library, the Hero Ascend Area, and more. These tend to be the areas where you can tend to your heroes, team up with other players in clan and union play, help each other out, and execute as many upgrades as possible.

Be sure to participate in events as much as possible, because these are limited time adventures that can provide you with prizes that might go away forever once the event is over. Additionally, be sure to collect free VIP benefits wherever you can; the main way to collect a VIP benefits is to make real money purchases within the game, but there are free methods as well.