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Eternal Evolution: Idle RPG – Tips, Cheats, Tricks, and Strategy Guide

Eternal Evolution is a new idle RPG for the iOS and Android platforms with a science-fiction theme. You can follow along with the deep story, unlock all sorts of rare and legendary characters to battle with, upgrade and evolve them, find equipment, earn diamonds, coins, rubellites, and hero experience, and build your base. Plus, there are a ton of different game modes to unlock as you progress.

Read on for a collection of tips and tricks for Eternal Evolution!

After you complete the tutorial, you will have plenty of rewards saved up, but you will also have a ton more rewards to claim. Go to the main screen and look for red dots in order to figure out which rewards you can collect. You will earn a massive amount of free diamonds, coins, hero, experience, and a whole lot more this way.

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Spend your diamonds early on in order to collect heroes quickly. You have a very high chance of earning epic and legendary heroes, which, with purple or gold backgrounds, and which are far more powerful than their common and rare counterparts. The goal should be to fill your team with these very rare heroes, which will make the game very easy.

There are many ways to upgrade your heroes. The first is to level them up, which is also the most basic. Spread your levels fairly evenly between heroes, but make sure to concentrate your levels on the rarest heroes, because they are the ones that are the most difficult to replace. Your common heroes are very easy to replace, so don’t bother leveling them up.

Another way to upgrade your heroes is to equip them. Each hero can have up to six pieces of equipment, which comes in the same rarity tiers as the heroes themselves do. Before hunting for extremely rare equipment, though, focus on filling out all of your heroes’ equipment slots in order to maximize their potential.

This game stays fairly easy for a while, though, so you can rapidly cruise through campaign levels in order to unlock as many things as possible. In order to speed your way through levels, turn on auto battle, and to ask speed as soon as you can, then keep fighting your way through levels and hitting “next level”. Once you get to a level that you can’t beat, though, stop, upgrade all of your heroes, and then continue.

Be sure to check out the events tab so that you can keep abreast of all of the events that are going on at any given time. Events are constantly being swapped in and out, and they often contain both rare heroes and rare equipment, as well as ways to earn a massive amount of the various currencies contained within the game.

Go to the Perimeter area in order to check out all of the areas that you can unlock by getting through the campaigns. This includes the arena, the soul mine, the wasteland, all the way up to Rise of Heroes and Twilight Lands. You will find tougher and tougher game modes here, but the tough for the challenge, the bigger the rewards and the more points they will be worth.

Go to the Grand Ceremony tab in order to not only see lots of different quest, that can earn rewards, but collect rewards once you earn them. You can earn ranking points from every different game mode, not just the campaign; in fact, the more game modes, that you play, the more ranking points that you will earn and the faster you earn them.