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Banana Kong 2: Tips, Cheats, Tricks, and Strategy Guide

Banana Kong 2 is a new endless running game for the iOS and Android platforms, and is a sequel to the truly old school mobile classic Banana Kong. This game brings back the classic and less running game play that is so rare on mobile devices nowadays, as you try to go, as far as possible, complete, quests, earn bananas, and Kong coins, and more.

Read on for a collection of tips and cheats for Banana Kong 2!

For anybody who has played mobile games for a long time, the gameplay will be familiar. Your goal is to jump, glide, and drop your way through numerous levels, and go as far as you can. Along the way, you can collect bananas, as well as a host of other bonuses.

Practice makes perfect when it comes to figuring out how to go long distances. You have to time your jumps and your glides wisely in order to make it past as many obstacles as possible. Additionally, when you are in the middle of the air, if you swipe down, you will be able to slam down on the ground, which can allow you to not only avoid specific aerial obstacles, but to slam down on trampolines and bounce higher.

There are a number of upgrades that you can purchase using your bananas and your Kong coins. Some of them are entirely cosmetic, but the upgrades that you can purchase under perks are upgrades that will actually help you in the game. You can increase the occurrences of various power ups, and you can make it so that different animals appear throughout the game, which will then allow you to ride on them and go to a different part of the level.

Even though hats are purely cosmetic, purchasing a hat and wearing it allows you to equip a hat pin, and hat pins have their own benefits, just like perks do. For example, the liana pin will allow you to earn more bananas after you finish swinging on a liana, which is what this game calls a vine or a rope.

As you collect bananas, your dash meter will fill up, so be sure to dash forward whenever it does fill. If you don’t, then gradually the avalanche of bananas will approach and then overtake your character, but if you dash forward, you will ward off the attack, and give yourself a better chance of making it further into the level.

You will always have three quests at a time that you can complete, so be sure to complete them. Some of the quests require you to do a certain thing in one run, such as go a specific number of meters or collect a specific number of bananas, while other quests can be accomplished over the course of multiple runs.

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