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Mario Kart Tour: The Complete Driver Tier List

Mario Kart Tour has loads of drivers that you can unlock, possibly more than any other Mario Kart game to date. As one might figure, some drivers are far better than others – so much so, that it is highly recommended to reroll right at the beginning until you get the highest collection of high-tier drivers possible.

The thing that makes a driver high-tier is how many favored courses they have. Some drivers have as few as one favored course, while other drivers have as many as four favored courses. A favored course is one where a driver can hold three items at a time, instead of just one or two.

Another aspect to the favored drivers is their special move. Some special moves are gamebreakers, while others are just okay, so a character with less favored courses might have a higher tier than a character with more favored courses due to the usefulness of the special moves.

One thing to keep in mind is that these tiers aren’t game-official; however, Mario Kart Tour does provide you with its own unofficial “tier list”. Go to the driver select menu and look at all of the drivers. The more rare and high-end a driver is, the further down towards the bottom of the list they will be.

S+-Tier Racers:

Mario (Musician): Has four favored courses. His frenzy is the double Bob-omb attack, allowing you to blow up two karts in front of or behind you.

Dry Bowser: Has four favored courses also. His frenzy is Bowser’s Shell, where he throws a gigantic shell in front of him that can hit multiple opponents before disappearing.

S-Tier Racers:

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Metal Mario: Has only two favored courses, and uses Fire Flower, which sends out three fireballs to bounce around and spin opponents out, but Metal Mario is S-tier due to how hard his racetrack is.

Peachette: Has three favored courses, and an unusually high number of 2-star courses. Her frenzy is Mushroom Cannon, which can erase nearly any lead deficit by peppering the track with mushrooms that you can grab and boost off of.

Peach: Has four favored courses. Normally this means automatic S+, but her Frenzy, which is Heart, is not that great compared to some of the others out there.

Daisy: Same as Peach for favored courses and frenzy, except that she has four different favored courses than Peach does.

Pauline: Has only two favored courses; however, her Frenzy, Lucky Seven (collect and use seven items at the same time) is hilariously overpowered.

Donkey Kong: Has two favored courses. His Frenzy, Giant Banana, is massively overpowered when you’re in first place, though, so he gets an S-tier ranking.

A-Tier Races:

Mario: Has three favored courses. His Frenzy is Fire Flower, same as Metal Mario.

Diddy Kong: Has three favored courses. His Frenzy is Banana Barrels, which fills the entire course with bananas, but this can be as much of a danger to you as it is to your opponents.

Bowser: Has three favored courses. His frenzy is Bowser’s Shell, which is the same frenzy that Dry Bowser uses. Dry Bowser’s main course is also harder than Bowser’s.

Toad: Has two favored courses (and four two-item courses). His frenzy is Triple Mushrooms, which fire at the same time for a super long boost.

Yoshi: Has three favored courses. His frenzy is Yoshi’s Egg, which chases down the next racer ahead of you.

B-Tier and C-Tier Racers

Toadette: Has two favored courses. Her frenzy is Triple Mushrooms, which fire at the same time for a super long boost.

Shy Guy: Has one favored course. His frenzy is Double Bob-Ombs, similar to Mario Musician.

Baby Mario: Has one favored course, but five two-item courses. The frenzy is Boomerang Flower, which spins around your kart to hit enemies.

Dry Bones: Has two favored courses. The frenzy is Triple Green Shells, which shoots three green shells off at the same time in different directions.

Koopa Troopa: Has only one favored course. Also uses Triple Green Shells as a frenzy.

Baby Peach: Has one favored course. Her frenzy is Bubble, which floats you above the level, keeping you safe from attack for awhile.

Baby Daisy: Has one favored course. Her frenzy is Bubble, which does the same thing as Baby Peach’s.


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