Mario Kart Tour: Get Free Rubies, Coins, Star Tickets, and More

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Mario Kart Tour is loaded with all kinds of goodies that you can earn throughout gameplay. You can unlock new tracks, new gliders, karts, and more, but being a free-to-play game, of course, there are a ton of currencies to unlock.

You don’t need to spend any money in order to get your fill, though. This game gives you plenty of free rubies, free coins, free tickets, and other goodies, without even making you sit through ads for the trouble.

Read on for a guide on how to get more rubies, coins, star tickets, and more without having to spend any money!

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Coins, of course, are the easiest of the bunch to earn. One of the main ways to get more coins is to collect them during races. Each coin that you collect in a race will be worth one coin, so you can grind for as many coins as you want.

It doesn’t matter whether you collect the coins in a race that you have already five-starred, or a new race, you can still collect them and be able to use them to get some new characters, gliders, or karts.

Be sure to look out for coin rush tickets as well. If you use a coin rush ticket, you will be able to race as Gold Mario and earn a massive amount of coins. If you spend Rubies first, you can gain a coin multiplier for the entire level.

Rubies are the premium currency of the game, and thus, are a bit less common. The main way to earn more rubies is to earn enough stars to unlock a Tour Gift. Almost all tour gifts contain rubies.

Once you unlock ranked races, you will be able to earn large bonuses by advancing to high ranks. Every week there is a ranking competition that you will automatically be entered into you. The higher in the rankings that you finish, the more coins and rubies you will earn.

One of the main uses for Rubies is to fire off the pipe and unlock new racers, karts, or gliders, including taking a shot at getting high-level racers. If you haven’t made it too far into the game yet, then instead of wasting time and rubies early on for an unsure shot at high-level racers, reroll the game and fire off the pipe over and over, for no cost, to take a shot at a high-level racer.

If you have a Gold Pass subscription, you’ll earn more rubies per gift. However, you can earn plenty of rubies for free without ever having to spend any money on the game if you don’t want to buy in-app purchases.

Additionally, always be sure to do the daily login so that you can get free rewards. Log in every single day even if you don’t plan on playing (or playing much) that day. Every even-numbered day, you will earn free Rubies. Every odd-numbered day, you will earn free coins.

Star Tickets can be used to get a new Grand Star, which pushes you toward being able to unlock new tours and gifts. You can use a Star Ticket on any gift or circuit that you have almost enough stars for, but not quite enough.

You can earn free Star Tickets by unlocking them via a tour gift. Expect them to show up during other assorted gifts, as well, such as gifts that come from events, or, once you unlock multiplayer, friends, and rankings, rewards stemming from those too.

You’ll earn more when you have the Gold Pass, but of course, it’s not necessary in order to get through the game.

Other kinds of tickets can be earned through the tour gifts, as well. Item Tickets allow you to spin for a random item to begin the round. Character, glider, or kart tickets allow you to enhance a character, an item, or a kart to increase its stats.

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