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Slime Quest: Dungeon Adventure – Tips, Cheats, Tricks, and Strategy Guide

Slime Quest: Dungeon Adventure is a new roguelike RPG for the iOS and Android platforms. This game was created by the developers of Legend of Slime with the same style of artwork in the same storyline, making it a semi sequel, even though it has a different play style. You can do battle against heroes, unlock new, slimes and equipment, and unlock various skills and talents that they can use, while also earning coins, gems, equipment, magic stones, new characters, and more.

Read on for a collection of tips and cheats for Slime Quest: Dungeon Adventure!

Despite all of the various upgrades you can get, one of the keys to effective battling is simply to avoid getting hit. Be sure to use your dash and jump moves to stay out of the way of enemy attacks, and unleash more damage than you take by aiming your attacks properly. Even the toughest battles can be edged out this way.

There is a massive amount of different skills that you can earn when you are battling, some of which are more effective than others. The shot doubler and the piercing power up are two of the most effective skills in the entire game because of their ability to do damage to multiple enemies at the same time. As you progress from chapter to chapter, you will also unlock new skills that you can mix in, so find the match that works best for you.

Talent and equipment are two of the fastest ways to increase your slime’s statistics. You can earn equipment by opening chests, which can be done with either keys, gems, or advertisement videos. talents can be purchased using coins, and while they are completely randomized, they have a huge effect on whatever slime you choose to do battle with.

Even if you have a favorite slime to use, be sure to keep all of them upgraded. When you participate in the boss raid mode, which unlocks after chapter 5, you will face off against a red box using all of your slimes at the same time. If some of your slimes are neglected, then they will be extremely weak in the battle.

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Look at the great icons in the top right corner of the screen; these are temporary stat boosts that you can unlock by watching advertisement videos. The blessings of Hades, as the game calls them, can boost your statistics for a period of 20 minutes at a time, so if you come to a very tough chapter that you want to beat, but don’t quite have the stats or equipment, use these blessings.

You can upgrade your equipment, using coins and scrolls, but in general, the best rule of thumb is to save your upgrades for your rarest equipment. Your common equipment, with the gray and green backgrounds, will get replaced very quickly as soon as you unlock rare equipment. The rare equipment, with a blue, purple, and gold background, as far less likely to be replaced.