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Ghostbusters for iOS: How to get more energy, experience/gain levels and get more slime

Ghostbusters may be a revival of a classic series from the 1980s, but that does not mean that things will change for no reason. One thing that has always been a constant in the series is the presence of the mascot, slimer, and just like the old NES game of the same name, you need slime in order to bust the ghosts. In this case, you need it in order to get into the various floors of the towers in order to fight the boss. Energy, of course, is required if you want to bust the ghosts at all. Read on for tips on how to get more slime, energy, and levels!

To get more slime the quickest, always check back with Slimer once a day. Once every 24 hours, you can get bonus slime from him. Other than that, you get slime by busting ghosts, and you get more slime from busting ghosts on more difficult stages, so go for the hardest stages that you can beat at the time. Keep working on getting better equipment, researching and gaining experience levels to get tougher. You can also buy a boost that will earn you 25 percent more slime per bust.

To gain experience levels quickly, do the opposite of the above advice and play the easy stages over and over again. Rather than experience points, you gain levels based on how many busts you accomplish, and easy, medium and hard busts are all worth one bust apiece. Since the easy stages take the shortest time to beat, just play the easy ones over and over again.

Sometimes, however, someone won’t gain another level until they have a particular item, such as a manual. You can get that particular item by defeating the next boss in line on whatever your current tower floor is.

There are two ways to get more energy. You can either wait for it to recharge on its own, or you can buy more of it when you run out.