Ghostbusters World: Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

By | 20190110

Ghostbusters World is a new GPS and AR-themed game for the iOS and Android platforms based off of the Ghostbusters franchise. You can capture ghosts and build up your collection, included rare and epic ghosts, then you can level them up and use them to fight against other players’ teams of ghosts. You can complete missions and earn coins, crystals, experience, Slime Shards, PKE Crystals, ghost pieces, and more. Read on for some tips and tricks for Ghostbusters World!

Catching ghosts and earning rewards is a lot like it is in Pokemon Go in that generally, the more crowded and/or historic the area you’re in, the more Dimensional Doors and ghosts you’ll find. But if you live in a rural area or somewhere without too many people or landmarks, or a brand-new neighborhood, you’ll be able to place a Remote Gate somewhere on the map. Your best placement is somewhere you go often, whether it’s your house, your work, or your favorite restaurant.

Catch ghosts by weakening them with the capture stream, raising them off of the ground, then slamming them. They’ll go dizzy, which is when you can catch them with your traps. Once you catch a ghost, you can level it up either by participating in battles against other ghosts or by using PKE crystals to add to its experience level. Battle with the highest-grade ghosts you have (e.g. S is highest, followed by A, B, C, etc). Higher rank ghosts are rarer and tougher to catch, but they are worth it.

Complete all of the missions and side quests that you can. Daily missions should be your first priority since you have such a short time to complete them. Next come the weekly missions and challenges, which you have a bit more time to complete. The same thing is true with daily and weekly challenges; focus on the dailies first and the weeklies second. You can load up on coins, weapons, materials, and experinece points with all of the missions that you get.

You can load up on weapons and counter weapons, such as the Particle Thrower and the Boson Caster, but you can also upgrade the equipment that you already have, so be sure to do that. Also, use the equipment in your sidebar when you’re hunting ghosts in the overworld. Ecto Goggles let you see ghosts and Ghost Trackers allow you to see area hotspots. Remote Gates need no introduction.

Bosses are extremely powerful, so make use of the chat option. You can chat with people close to you, so go to crowded areas for the best chance at finding people who are playing this game Downtown areas and big apartment complexes tend to be hotspots for players. Use the chat to gather a group of players together to take down the bosses.

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