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Endless Trainer: Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

Endless Trainer is a new unofficial Pokemon game for the Android and iOS platforms where you auto-battle through various cities while catching new Pokemon and upgrading your team in a seemingly endless number of ways. You can load up on rare and legendary Pokemon, even mega evolutions, while collecting coins, medals, gems, amber coins, and other goodies along the way. Read on for some tips and tricks for Endless Trainer!

Most of the game will be spent upgrading and evolving your Pokemon, at least at first. Enhance the using the gold that you earn, and then evolve them using the amber coins and your various colored emblems (life, wisdom, etc). Your first (and second where applicable) evolutions will be to the Pokemon’s actual evolved form. Once it’s reached its final form, each evolution will be the final form +1, +2, +3, etc. Keep the enhancements going to power up your Pokemon enough to face the toughest stages.

Your main way of earning coins is by going to the Work tab and starting new jobs. These will complete automatically, and each time they complete, you earn coins. Before long you’ll be in the millions and billions of coins per job. New jobs unlock as you level up and as you collect reset rewards, so do both and then come back to the new jobs that you unlock ASAP after that.

Also, you’ll get constant notifications about unlocking new game modes from Rosa as you gain levels. For the most part, each new game mode is a battle challenge, and the higher level that you unlock them at, the tougher they are, but the greater the rewards are as well, so play them as often as you can and as you feel your team strength allows.

You can reset, which is this game’s form of prestiging, and it will send you back to the first stage, but you will also get to keep all of your Pokemon levels, as well as previous reset rewards. Once you reset, you can collect all of the milestone rewards lal over again, and ones that you haven’t collected yet will collect automatically when you reset. You’ll get a large EXP reward for your player levels. The player reset limit is currently 50 times per day.

Hit the dungeon challenges for a chance to earn new gear. Each new piece of gear that you equip adds to your entire team’s stats. Hit the Instance battles to find items that can be used to upgrade your gear, and add to the team stats even further.

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