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Pokémon GO – How to Power Up and Evolve your Pokémon and increase their CP, page 2

At some point you are going to have to get rid of some of your Pokémon in order to make room for more. Go to the Pokémon’s profile page, scroll all the way down to the transfer button. This transfers a Pokémon to the professor permanently, meaning that you lose them, but you will earn one of that Pokémon’s candies instead. So transfer away unneeded Pokémon if you need to get some more candy.

Some Pokémon take more stardust than others do to power up. A Pokémon will generally take less if it’s CP is lower to start with, and while the required stardust per power-up will eventually increase as a Pokémon’s CP increases, start with a low-CP Pokémon and turn them into a high-CP Pokémon to spend less stardust overall.

When you win a gym battle, you leave your Pokémon at the gym to defend it, and it stays at the gym until it eventually gets beaten. At that point it will return to your party with one HP left. Make sure that you have plenty of high-CP Pokémon trained up so that you can still have a good gym party for battles, even after leaving Pokémon behind.

When you are powering up your Pokémon, make sure to take into account not only their CP, but their HP as well. Having a higher amount of HP means that they will be able to last longer in gym battles, because they will be able to take more hits. Evolving and powering up increase their HP just as they increase their CP.

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Even though you can increase the CP level of a non-evolved Pokémon to a fairly high amount, it caps out at a far lower level than it does for evolved or rarer Pokémon. At the top of the Pokémon’s profile will be a half-circle shaped bar, and it fills up as you power up your Pokémon. Once it’s full, your Pokémon has reached its full CP potential.

If you are on a mission to evolve one Pokémon, go to the area where you have caught it before and you’ll likely find more of it again. This is true mostly if it is a common Pokemon; if it’s a rare one it may show up a little bit more randomly, but it will still has a good chance of coming around in the same area again.

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