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Sushi Bar Idle: Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

Sushi Bar Idle is a new idle game where you manage a conveyor belt sushi place. You can hire and upgrade chefs and upgrade the production line in order to make more sushi and attract more customers, all in the pursuit of earning as much money as you possibly can. Read on for some tips, tricks, cheats, hints, strategies, and more for Sushi Bar Idle!

You have three main types of upgrades that you can do to your line, which are speed, price, and seats. Speed and price are the two most important one. Speed upgrades speed up the conveyor belt, enabling you to cook faster. Price simply makes each piece of sushi more expensive. Save the seat upgrades until you’re making too much sushi for your customers.

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Also, tap on your chef’s info button to upgrade everything that they cook. You can upgrade each individual type of sushi or sashimi a few times, so upgrade each one to the maximum level in order to make as much money per piece of sushi as possible. The price upgrade is a multiplier that’s applied to the price of each piece of sushi, so these two upgrades work together to earn you major cash.

Once you hit level 7, you’ll be able to unlock a new chef, and then once you hit level 15, you’ll be able to unlock a third chef. Once you have multiple chefs, you’ll need to do multiple seat upgrades right away in order to keep up with the increased production. A good rule of thumb is about nine seats per chef if you play actively, or six seats per chef if you play passively.

Once you hit level 25, you’ll unlock an entirely new sushi bar, and then at level 50, another one, and then every 25 levels after that. Each bar is the same in that you can unlock up to three chefs, upgrade your speed, price, and seat count, and the types of sushi can be upgraded to increase their price for each chef.

If you’re an active player, tap each of the chefs to speed along their sushi output. If you have more than three chefs, tap the most recent unlocks, as they are going to be the most lucrative ones. Scroll to the middle of the sushi bar so that you can tap all three chefs at the same time with three different fingers.


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