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Idle Cooking Tycoon: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Hacks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Idle Cooking Tycoon is a new idle game for the iOS and Android where you take an old chocolate factory, remodel it, and then build it into the most profitable and lucrative chocolate factory there is. You can upgrade almost everything, from production to the chefs to the delivery system, draw investments from millionaires, and come up with new types of chocolate to cook. Read on for some tips and tricks for Idle Cooking Tycoon!

The most basic way to upgrade your income is to tap on the production line. Each tap produces one piece of chocolate, so if you tap quickly, you make chocolate quickly, but if you tap too fast, you’ll overheat your chocolate. The more chocolate that’s in your pot, the higher your chefs’ income will be.

Tap on the kitchen area behind the blue fence to upgrade everything from your chefs to your production line. Tap on the guy in the red hat near the entrance to upgrade your trucks and your forklifts so that you can pack, deliver, and sell the finished product quicker. Tap on the red gas tank to add more gas tanks; to do this, though, you need a pro license, which is only available from an in-app purchase.

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If you don’t want to tap a ton, two ways to gain a ton of money at once are, first of all, to tap on all of the wads of cash that fall in the level, and there are a ton of them. The second is to hit the ATM whenever it’s glowing. A millionaire will offer you either a gigantic cash reward (higher depending on your upgrade level) or free gems.

When you get to a certain amount of money, tap on the guy with the yellow hard hat to develop your bakery. One amount of money is required to reveal the next level of bakery, and then another, much higher amount of money is required in order to actually develop it to the next level. You’ll start from the beginning but with the new type of food, and you’ll earn money far, far more quickly than before.

There is a strange device in the top of the bakery, but it’s a mystery what this thing will do until you get much, much farther into the game. If you have 7 quadrillion dollars, you’ll find out what this thing does, and if you watch every available ad video for the millionaire bonuses, you’ll earn this amount of money far, far more quickly.


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