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Rocket Valley Tycoon: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Rocket Valley Tycoon is a new idle game for the iOS and Android platforms – or rather, it’s a puzzle game disguised as an idle game. Your goal is to unlock new cities and new planets by figuring out which elements and factories to link together, to produce products to sell so that you can earn cash, and to make the most out of every tile in your cities. Read on for some tips and tricks for Rocket Valley Tycoon!

First and foremost, the tech tree is what you need to go off of in order to figure out what factories produce what products. Some factories require multiple products – for example, the Carbon factory requires coal and water, and the copper plates require both carbon and copper ore. So to get those specific factories to produce, they need to have both element extractors next to them – or in the case of copper plates, the carbon factory and the copper ore extractor.

From there, once you have your factories built in the right places, look around both your extractors and your factories and figure out if there are any logjams. If there are some logjams, then upgrade either the extractor or the factory in question to alleviate them. If there are not any, then simply upgrade the factories and extractors (that are connected to each other) equally in order to keep production going quickly.

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If you need to make a bunch of extra money, set some of your factories and extractors to sell instead of store. Set your highest factory in line to sell and the rest of them to store, or you won’t make near as much money as you should. If you have an expensive extractor, such as gold or quartz, with no factory to attach to it, then set it to sell to maximize your income.

Be sure to tap on the blimp whenever you see it. If you tap on the blimp, you have the option to watch a video ad. When you do and when the ad finishes, you’ll be able to spin for a prize. The prize depends on what your current idle income is – the higher the income, the more that each prize will be worth.

Your factories don’t have to be connected to each other – only your extractors have to be connected to your factories in order to supply them. Your extractor/factory clusters can be completely separate from anything, as long as trains connect them. Be sure to continually upgrade your trains for high sales.