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Idle Supermarket Tycoon: Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide, Page 3

Eagle-eyed players might have noticed this glitch already, but a fun glitch is that there are sometimes more cities in this game than have actually been named yet. Go to the city list and scroll to the right. The devs will sometimes add cities before they actually name them, so the names of future cities beyond the current max city will show up as #title_11 and #title_12 or somesuch. If you’re quick enough, you might even be able to upgrade to said cities before the devs name them.

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Want to earn free gems quickly? The two surest ways are to tap the VIP cars when they come by, and to complete all of your missions. VIP cars will either give you a lot of cash or a lot of gems; tap them to find out and then you can either watch the video or send them packing. Missions will earn you gems every time, allowing an easy opportunity to rack up the gems.

Another way to get free gems is to watch the 2x Income offer videos six times in a row. These are the ones that pop up on the bottom part of the screen. Watch the six videos and you’ll be able to open a chest. You can do this once per day, and the gem earnings increase by 5 per day, so the first day that you do this, you’ll earn 30, then 35 the next day, then 40 the next day, and so on and so forth.

The farther that you get into the game, the more important the Express Lane upgrade will be. The reason for this is that the more advanced store stands will take far, far longer to serve customers, but the product will be worth far, far more per customer. So there will be a small effect on your produce stand and bakery, for example, but the income effect on your jewelry, telecom, and electronics departments will be MASSIVE.

Spend your gems wisely. You can spend 20 gems on tripling the offline income, but you should almost never do this unless your next offline income upgrade will give you enough money to be able to afford the next supermarket, and your doubling bonus (the ad video) won’t give you enough money to afford it.

Even with your upgrades to the various stands and to the cashiers, you have to keep your parking upgraded in order to keep customers coming. Upgrade your advertising in order to increase the number of customers who show up per minute – you want that to stay as high as possible. And you need room for them too, so make sure to maximize the number of parking spots.

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