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Idle Supermarket Tycoon: Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide, Page 2

Your quickest way to earn cash for the majority of the time that you play is by tapping the VIP car and watching the ad video that shows up. The video will either earn you a massive amount of coins (which increases depending on how much you’ve upgraded all of your stands) or a fairly significant number of gems.

The prestiges will come fast and furious for awhile, but once you purchase the Miami Beach supermarket, they’ll slow down massively due to the sheer massive amount of cash that’s required to purchase the Beverly Hills supermarket and the fact that it costs so much money to purchase the Jewelry department, making it unrealistic to buy when you’re in Miami Beach. At this point it might seem insurmountable to get to the next supermarket without purchasing the Manager, but you can do it surprisingly easily.

The quickest way to progress from Miami Beach to Beverly Hills (and from Beverly Hills to Tokyo, then to Hong Kong, then to New York, etc) once you have all of your upgrades is to leave the game open and active. The VIP car will not be worth much money compared to how much you need to earn to move on. Wait for the Express Checkout (2 minute one) and Extra Customer upgrades to pop up at the top right area of the screen, and watch ad videos for them as often as you can. Express Lane makes it so that your employees all serve customers instantly, and Extra Customers simply sends more customers your way. Combine these for rapid earnings and a quick purchase of the next supermarket.

Ads can get annoying not because there are too many of them, but because ad videos frequently screw up. If one of them gives you a black screen, then tap in the middle of the screen after about ten seconds and the ad will fire up, as long as you have an internet connection. If the game crashes when you attempt to play an ad video, then try rebooting your phone and then firing the game back up again.

To find the total value of how much one particular stand earns you, tap on the bar graph button in the upper right corner of the screen. You’ll see the overall income per minute generated by each individual stand, as well your highest- and lowest-earning departments and other stats such as parking lot usage, average wait time at checkout, and more. Use this screen as a guide throughout the game to figure out what to place a priority on for upgrades.

Always make sure that you max out your number of cashiers and their upgrade level. Your stands can make as much money as you want them to, but there’s no point to it if you can’t cash out your customers quickly, because the earnings will be slowed down to the cashiers’ speed. If customer lines are 3 or more customers long, then you need more cashiers and more cashier upgrades.

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