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Happy Dozer (Dozer Mania) – How To Win Real-Life Money

Happy Dozer, also known as Dozer Mania, isA new coin pusher game for the iOS and Android platform. This game has a supermarket theme, and the premise of the game is that you can apparently trade your green coins for money once you hit the minimum.

Read on for a guide on how to earn real life money in Happy Dozer, also known as Dozer Mania!

There are three boosts that you can use to increase your winnings. The big shake allows you to shake the entire table, knocking a massive amount of coins off of the front end of it.

The wall is the second boost, and arguably the most important one. This builds walls along the side of the table, preventing any coins from falling off and getting lost in the abyss. Pair the wall with the big shake for maximum winnings.

The third boost is the light. If you light up six boosts, then you will enable the slot machine. The slot machine allows you to win the big prizes, especially compared to the actual game board itself.

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There are two different types of coins in this game; the green coins and the gold coins. The gold coins are far more numerous, and are mainly used to purchase boosts. The green coins can be used to purchase boost, but they are mainly used for cashing out your real life earnings.

The green coins, of course, are far more difficult to earn. You have to drop green coins off the front of the board in order to add to your collection. This is where the wall comes in handy, especially, because if a green coin falls off of the side of the board, then it ends up being worth nothing.

Once you hit the minimum cash out point, then you can cash out your green coins for money. As of right now, the cash out option has been removed on the iOS version of the game, for whatever reason. While you can no longer cash out, it can still be a fun game to play.

On the Android version of the game, you can still cash out when you hit the minimum, but for the vast majority of players, it will seem like the green coins stop stacking up right before you hit the minimum. This is because the game is programmed to cut off the vast majority of players before they hit the minimum cash out point.

For the most part, there is no way to rectify this, but there is a small chance to change things by deleting the game and then reinstalling it, and playing again. A very very small percentage of players will ever hit the cash out point, so this will give you a small chance to be one of those players that can cash out.


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