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Guide to Coin Dozer World Tour for iPhone – Tips, tricks, cheats and strategies

Coin Dozer World Tour is the sequel to the popular iPhone game Coin Dozer, where you have to drop coins into the virtual “coin dozer” (much like the old carnival games that you used to play as a kid) to try to push other coins to the front of the machine, getting them to drop off the edge, earning coins and other prizes as they fall off of the front. If they fall off the sides, they become worthless, but if they fall off of the front, you get them. In Coin Dozer World Tour, you get to play in China, Japan and Europe, starting in China and unlocking Europe and Japan as you win more and more prizes. While it can be tricky at times, and running out of coins can suck, read on to make it easier and find out how not to run out of coins.

To get huge coin combinations, one of the best techniques when playing is simply to drop stacks of 4 coins at a time in the middle of the stage, rather than lining up coins side to side. At first, the coins will be slower to fall off, but there are numerous benefits to doing this. You’ll end up with a mountain of coins on stage that slide around rather easily, and they will be less likely to just fall off the sides and become useless.

Therefore, more of them will fall off of the front, earning you more coins for less work. In addition, every time that you level up and get the giant coin bonus, the giant coin will cause the entire mountain of coins to go sliding, causing you to gain massive amounts of coins at one time – even sometimes enough to level up a second time within seconds of the original level up, and certainly enough to keep playing for a very long time.