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Coin Party: Carnival Pusher – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Coin Party: Carnival Pusher is a new coin dozer game for the iOS and Android platforms. It’s a great straightforward mindless game – simply drop coins to collect more coins; however, you can also use a whole smorgasbord of power-ups and collect prizes in order to complete quests. Read on for some tips and tricks for Coin Party: Carnival Pusher!

In this game, the pusher can be quite stingy as far as how many coins it pushes off of the front as opposed to pushing off of the sides. Drop coins side-by-side, five at a time, to advance the game and drop coins as quickly as possible. Dropping them one at a time will cause it to take forever, and the percentage of coins dropped off of the front will not increase compared to dropping five at a time.

If you run out of coins, and you don’t want to wait for more coins to show up, all that you have to do is hit the plus button next to the coin counter, then start watching videos in order to earn free coins. Each video that you watch earns you 20 coins, and you can watch as many as you want, whether you have 0 coins or a full load of coins at the moment.

In fact, everything in this game is free if you watch videos to earn it. Go to the coin shop and you can earn coins, bucks, gold bars, potions and spin tokens for free, all by simply watching videos. In addition, you can earn these for free within the game itself, by tapping on the flying treasure boxes when you see them. Tapping them opens them up, earning you what’s inside.

Complete the quests in order to earn additional prizes. Go to your current prize table to see what you need to collect, and then collect the object by dropping it off of the front of the coin pusher. Once you finish one prize table, other prizes tables will then open up to you. Plus, you’ll earn gold bars and other premium goodies.

When you have potions to use, pick your power-ups wisely. The coin cannon is almost always an excellent one if you have a full board as it sends your coins cascading down the front of the board and into the pit. The mega dozer, by contrast, tends to be one of the worst ones, as most of the coins will simply fly off of the side of the level unless you have already activated a coin shield first. If you are going to use the mega dozer, ALWAYS activate a coin shield first.

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