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Coin Dozer: Casino – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Coin Dozer: Casino is a new sequel to the original Coin Dozer for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal is to drop coins so that the dozer can push prizes, coins, and other goodies down into the pit, so that you can collect them and earn prizes. You can earn gems, complete prize sets, and even complete puzzles for additional prizes. Read on for some tips and tricks for Coin Dozer: Casino!

If you run out of coins and you don’t want to wait for more, hit the free coins button and you’ll be taken to a TapJoy offer list. In addition to old-school offers to complete, you’ll be able to watch videos for instant free coins as well. Alternatively, you can simply wait for your coins to regenerate so that you can drop more of them.

There are many effective strategies for how to drop your coins and in what order, but the best one is to drop all six of your possible coins, left to right or right to left, next to each other. They will overlap a bit, but this leads to huge coin drops later on, and the larger amount of coins will lead more of them to be dropped down the front, rather than the sides. Only the ones that drop in front will be collected.

Free prizes and free spins will be awarded at time-based intervals. The easiest way to make the most out of the free prizes is to set your push notifications, so that you can collect them as soon as they are available. The quicker that you collect them, the quicker the countdown resets so that you can earn the prizes on a more frequent basis.

Prizes and special coins are extremely valuable, making it tough to watch them fall off of the sizes. Save your roll for if you have prizes that are moving toward the bottom half of the screen or, if you have the gems to spare, buy a Coin Wall for 6 gems. The coin wall will stop anything from falling off of the side.

Collect sets of matching prizes in order to earn a star bonus. The bonus will differ depending on the prizes – for example, the classic car set will increase your chances of winning on the slot machine. All of these bonuses will be permanent after you earn them.

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