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Hello, Mr. Rich – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Hello, Mr. Rich is a new iOS and Android game that’s all about building businesses and getting rich. You can build businesses, upgrade them as you earn more cash so that they can earn you even bigger cash totals, and grow your business empire into a huge conglomerate. Read on for some tips and tricks for Hello, Mr. Rich!

Your products take time to go to the warehouse, and once they go to the warehouse, it’s up to you to sell them before they go back. Typically everything has a shelf life of around a day, so if you go to collect them within that day, you can then sell them. If the products spoil, then you can pay either cash (a small amount) or gems to clear the spoiled product, then sell the good stuff. Even if you choose to pay cash, you’ll still earn a profit.

If you want your products to be ready right away, go to the date and time settings on your phone, and set them ahead by half an hour to an hour. Then go back to the game and they will be ready. Now go back to the date and time settings and set the time back to normal. Finally, go back to the game again and sell all of your products. Repeat however many times you want to for quick earnings.

The video link in the top menu isn’t immediately clear as to what it’s for, but what it does is it automatically sends a load to your warehouse. Watch a video, and one load from each of your businesses will go to the warehouse instantly. A few minutes later, another video will be available, so watch as many as you can for rapid earnings.

Each upgrade to a business increases the amount of loads from that business that your warehouse can hold. The upgrades make it easier to earn massive amounts of cash while only checking the game every so often. Each load will also be worth more money as well, making upgrades beneficial for frequent players too.

You can speed a building upgrade (or construction) along in four different ways. Do the time lapse trick to complete it right away, or else you can pick one of three non-cheat options. Either tap on it to decrease the time, or watch a video to decrease the cooldown time. Or you can pay gems to build the building right away.

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