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Business Empire: RichMan – Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Business Empire: RichMan is a popular idle business simulator game for the iOS and Android platform that starts you off with no money, and your goal is to start making a little bit of money, open your own businesses, purchase stocks, real estate, and cryptocurrency, purchase pre-existing businesses, and become extremely rich.

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You start off with nothing, and you have to tap in order to earn money. Once you get to a certain amount of money, Then you will be able to upgrade your tap income. you can only upgrade your tap in, so many times, with the maximum being $10 per tap; the purpose behind this is to incentivize investing, rather than simply tapping to earn money.

The game doesn’t tell you what kind of money each business will make before you open them, but generally, the best businesses for beginners are the taxi company and the shipping company. They won’t earn money right away, because you will have to buy vehicles But when you do, they will earn far more money per hour than the other business as well, relative to the investment that you put in You also have the option of scaling up your income by purchasing more expensive vehicles.

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You can also increase the size of your vehicle fats, but generally, it costs less to start a whole new taxi or shipping company then to add to the fleet size of an existing company. Adding to the fleet size is better for keeping all of your businesses organized, though, although you can circumvent this by giving them unique names.

The stock market works similarly to real life, where the stock prices bounce back-and-forth constantly, so be sure to purchase shares on the dip instead of buying when the price is high. Once you do that, wait for the price to go up, then once you have a hefty profit, sell the stock. Pay attention to the dividends as well, because they can be worth a significant amount of income.

Cryptocurrency is similar to the stock market, except for two main differences. The first difference is that there is a far larger swing between prices, giving you a massive opportunity to buy low and sell high. The second is that there are no dividends paid out, unlike stocks.

Purchasing real estate works similarly to starting a business; once you purchase the real estate, you will be able to collect rent, with the main difference between real estate and businesses being that you can sell properties anytime that you want to. Properties never gain or lose value except when you purchase improvements, though, and when you sell them, you have to pay a sales tax that means that overall, you will make less than what you bought them for.

Each stock has only a limited number of units available. If you’re rich enough to purchase enough stock to own the business outright, then you will be able to control the business and invest in it for a massive amount of additional income.